A la Guerre, ie Karri

A la Royale

Action Eight-Ball

Alabama Eight-Ball

American Game, The

American Pyramid Fifteen-Ball Pocket Billiards

American Snooker

Amos & Andy Billiard Game

Any Eight


Around the Clock

Around the Horn

Around the World

Back-Pocket Nine-Ball

Bagatelle, The General Rules of

• Cannon Game, The

• English Bagatelle Rules

• French Game, The

• Irish Cannon Game, The

• La Trou Madame

• Northern Bagatelle

• Mississippi

• Sans Egal (Bagatelle)

• Southern Bagatelle (with 2 reds and pockets)

• Victorian Bagatelle

BalkLine Games

• 12½.2 Balkline

• 14.1 Balkline & 14.2 Balkline

• 18.1 Balkline & 18.2 Balkline

• 28.2 Balkline

• 38.2 Balkline

• 39.2 Balkline

• 42.2 Balkline

• 45.1 Balkline & 45.2 Balkline

• 47.1 Balkline & 47.2 Balkline

• 57.2 Balkline

• 71.1 Balkline & 71.2 Balkline

• 8.2 Balkline

• Continuous Balkline

• Five and Ten

• The Space Game

Continuous Balkline

Five and Ten

14.1 and 14.2 Balkline Game

18.1 & 18.2 Balkline Billiards

The Space Game

Bank Pool Rules

Bank the 8 Ball

Bank the Nine

Bar Billiards (English)

Bar-Hole Game, The

Barney Pool

Baseball (Carom)

Baseball Pocket Billiards

Basic Pocket Billiards

Beat the Breaker

Bocce Billiards

Bocce Pool

Boccette (Bowls)


Black and Pink Pool

Black Pool

Blackball (pool)

Blackjack 21



Blue Pool

Blue Peter

Bobby Fisher Billiards

Bottle Pool

Bouchon, The Game of



Bowls of the Table

Box Billiards

Bricole Game, The

Brunswick Ten Pin Billiard Game

Bull Dog Game


Bumper Pool Rules

Cake Pool Rules

California Pool

Call Eight


Canadian Snooker

Cannon Ball Pool

Canons Against Hazards and Canons

Carom Billiards, The General Rule of

Carom Nine

Caroms vs Pyramids


Centers only

Champion’s Game

Chase the Green

Chase the Brown


Chess Billiards

Chicago (pool)

Chicago Pocket Billiards

Chinese Eight Ball

Choice of Balls

Chopsticks Pool

Classic Killer

Cocked Hat

Commanding Game, The



Convergence 8-Ball

Cork Pool

Corner Game


Cork Pool Billiards

Cowboy Billiards

Crazy Eight

Crazy Pocket

Crazy Pool



Cricket (Dart Version)

Crossover Pool

Cue Ball Pool

Cue Roque

Cushion Game

Cut throat Billiards

Daangguu (listed under Yotsudama)

Danish Billiards

Devil Among the Tailors

Devils Pool

Diamonds Covered

Dirty Bonus

Dirty Foul

Dirty Q Ball

Double Proportion

Doublet Game

Dutch Pool

Eight and Eight

Eight Ball, WPA Rules

Eight to Hop

English billiards

English Pyramids, The Rules of

Equal Offense Billiard Rules

Everlasting Pool

Experts’ Game



Five Pin and Nine Pin (Goriziana) Billiards

Football Billiards

Fortification Billiards



Four Corners

Four Game, The

Four Play

Four Pockets

Four-Ball Carom Game

Four-Handed Snooker

French Billiards

French Following Game

Front to Back

Gentleman’s Call

German Pyramid Game, The

German Sausage Game, The

Go-Back or Pull Down Game, The

Golf (1)

Golf (2)

Golf (3)

Golf (4)

Golf (5) (Match Play)

Golf, Snooker Golf

Golf Billiards

Golf Side Games

Hard Eight



High Low Jack Game


Indian Billiards

Irish Billiards

Jack-Up Pool

Kelly Pool (see Pea Pool)


Kick Billiards


Killer Cards


La Pétanque

Last Pocket Eight Ball

Last Two

Le Président


Life Pool


Line-Up Straights

Little Corporal, The Losing Game, The

Losing Pyramid Game, The

Luck Rotation

Man-of-War Game


Mr and Mrs

Mug’s Pool

Near Ball

Nearest Ball Pool, The

Nine Ball, WPA Rules

Nine Ball Check and Double Check

Nine Ball Kookie Kelly

Nine-Ball Banks

Ninety-Nine Pool-Billiard (“99”)

No Hands

Non-Continuous Fifteen-Ball Pocket Billiards

Oddball (1)

Oddball (2)


Old Army Game

One and Fifteen Ball Rotation

One and Nine Ball

One and Safe

One and Stop

One Fifteen Ball

One Hundred and One (101)

One Pocket Rules

One Pocket to Five

One Shot

One Ball

One hole

One-Player Rotation

Open Table

Orange Crush

Panamanian Ten-Ball

Pea Pool

Penetration Nine-Ball

Penny Pot

Pick A Pocket

Pick Pocket

Pin Point Pool

Pin Pool

Plant Game

Pocket Billiards, General Rules of WPA Rules

Point System


Poker Pocket Billiards

Poker Pocket Billiards with suit

Poker Pool

Poker Pool (2)

Poker Pool (3)

Poker Pool (4)

Pool Deck Quoits

Power Ball

Progressive Billiards

Progressive Carom Game, The


Pyramid Pool

Pyramid, The Game of

Rail Billiards


Red Ball

Red, White and Blue Game

Reverse 8 Ball


Rotation Banks

Rotation Contra Pool

Rotation Eight-Ball

Russian Billiards, Rules of

Russian Billiards (2), Rules of

Russian Billiards (3), Rules of

Russian Game, The

Russian Pyramid: Alager

Russian Pyramid: Alager with that ball

Russian Pyramid: Alager-American

Russian Pyramid: Five balls - 60 points

Russian Pyramid: Five balls with caroms (Kaisa)

Russian Pyramid: Free Pyramid

Russian Pyramid: Minsk Pyramid

Russian Pyramid: Moscow Pyramid

Russian Pyramid: Pyramid Podkatka

Russian Pyramid: Pyramid with colored balls

Russian Pyramid: Pyramid w/o touching the side

Russian Pyramid: Rotation in specific pockets

Russian Pyramid: Screw

Russian Pyramid: Screw with colored balls

Russian Pyramid: Slow Russian Pyramid

Russian Pyramid: The Great Russian Pyramid

Safe Eight

Savile Snooker

Scottish Billiards



Sentinel Pool

Seven Ball

Seven Card Ball

Shell Out

Short Snooker

Shuffle Pool

Shuffleboard Pool

Simple Carambole Game, The

Sinuca Brasileira

Six Ball

Six Stroke Billiards

Skittle Game

Skittle with Pockets

Slosh Pool

Snooker Billiards

Snooker plus

Snooker Pool

Snooker Rules

Soft Eight

Space Game, The (listed under Balkline Games)

Spanish Game of Billiards, The

Speed Pool Split table or Side Against Side

Spot at Fifty

Spot the Break

Stop Game


Straight Pool (14.1 Continuous), WPA Rules

Straight Rail Billiards

Streamlined Billiards

Ten Ball Billiards

Ten Ball Snooker

Tenfold Billiards (listed under Yotsudama)

Ten Pins

Ten-Ball Pool

Ten-Ball Rotation

Texas Express

Thirty Eight Pool

Thirty-One Pool

Three Ball Rules

Three Ball Carom (variant)

Three-Ball Ricochet

Three Cues on the Table

Three Cushion Billiards

Three Lives Snooker

Three Reds

Three-Ball Game

Three-Handed Snooker

Thirty-One Ford

Tower Killer

Twenty-One Ball

Two Pockets to Four


Two-Ball (2)

Two-Ball Pool


Two-Pin Game

Wandering Cue Ball 14.1


White Ball Against the Red

White Losing Game, The

White Winning and Losing Game, The

White Winning Game, The


Wild Ball Billiards

Winning Against the Winning and Losing Game


Up And Down Freestyle Pool

Up And Down Pool

Volunteer Snooker

War Game, The

Western Pool

Winning and Following Game

Winning and Losing Game, The

Winning Game, The

Winning Hazards Against all Hazards & Canons

X Ball 1 Shot

Yotsudama (four-ball

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